The perfect way to highlight a beautiful face is to add earrings. No matter the outfit or style, earrings are always a good choice. Perhaps the most basic of jewelry accessories, earrings can be a subtle compliment to an outfit or a bold statement in their own right.



There are countless shapes and sizes of earrings and JP Haase Jewelers will help you make the best selection for your unique look. The most popular earring types include:

  • Studs: These earrings can be discreet gems or glistening diamonds. In either case, they are typically the smallest and most compact earring, making them easy to wear and stylistically versatile.
  • Hoops: Often made from silver, gold, or platinum, hoops are a classic style that adds a feminine touch to any outfit. Often made in the shape of a circle or oval, hoop earrings are timeless and will match with anything.
  • Drops: Perhaps the most bold of earring choices, drop or “dangle” earrings hang below the earlobe and often sway as one walks. These earrings can be made from pearl, diamond, or unique gemstones. Drop earrings will an edge to any outfit.

Earrings are often used to compliment the shape of one’s face. Here are the earrings that may work best with your face shape:

  • Round: If your face is on the round side, you should consider longer, dangling earrings that feature chains, cascading gems, or a teardrop face. The narrowness of these earrings is complementary to a round face.
  • Square: If your face is on the square side, you should consider earrings that are more narrow, whether round or dangling. Hoops or pearls would do as well for this shape of face.
  • Narrow: If your face is on the narrow side, you should consider round-shaped earrings, such as hoops, studs, or pearls. Even if you prefer longer, dangling earrings, find a pair that have some element of roundness to them. The softness of a round shape will highlight your cheekbones.
  • Oval: If your face is on the oval side, most any earring style will look great on you. Most highly recommended, though, are teardrop-shaped earrings, which have wideness that will only compliment the shape of your face.

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