Are you looking for the final touch to elevate your already fashionable wardrobe? To make any ordinary outfit more unique and dazzling, simply add a necklace. From elegant chains to bold pieces, the selection at JP Haase Jewelers will please any style.

Necklaces have been worn for thousands of years and represent much more than just an adornment for the neckline. Wearing a necklace can communicate important parts of your personality, such as prestige, playfulness, individuality, and power.



There is a type of necklace for all occasions and JP Haase is committed to helping you make educated purchases. Beyond just choosing chain type and necklace length, you can also consider what style of necklace is right for you. Styles of necklaces offered at our store include:

  • Choker: This 90s fad is making a resurgence, even to the extent of being worn on the red carpet! Choker necklaces fit snugly around the neck and can be thin or broad. Often made from gold or silver, the necklaces can be paired with an elegant dress for a formal occasion or simply thrown into a casual outfit for extra spice.
  • Tassels: Bohemian in nature, tassel necklaces are beautifully hip. By wearing these necklaces off to either side, you can create a unique look that fits your outfit. Tassel necklaces are known for being bursts of color, so you can pair them with patterned tops or use them as a flash of brightness with more basic clothing.
  • Pearl strands: This classic necklace is an essential addition to any jewelry collection. Pearls can come in many sizes, but they always convey confidence and prestige. 
  • Multi-layered chains: Perhaps the most rebellious of necklaces, multi-layered chains are at once minimalist and bold. Overlapping chains are sometimes paired with pendants and charms, but no matter how they are worn, they are glamorous.
  • Pendants: All the rage right now, pendants are hung from elegant chains that beautifully highlight the collar bones. Pendants can be made from diamonds, gemstones, or metallic charms. This style spans time and works with any outfit.

Do you have further questions about JP Haase necklaces? We invite you to stop in today to talk to one of our friendly associates. You may also contact us by phone or e-mail.