Jewelry Metal Choices

There are many different metal choices to choose from when selecting a jewelry piece. Two Toned, white, yellow or rose gold. Platinum and Palladium are two great choices as well. Sometimes a person may develop an allergy to a metal type so its a good thing there are many choices to be had!




When selecting your jewelry piece, you should know a little about just some of the fascinating materials it can be made from, including:

  • Gold: Time tested classic! 14-karat gold is 58.5% pure gold, its strong and can be created in yellow, rose or white colors. Gold is available in many different karat values with the most popular upgrade being 18-karat gold. 18-Karat is 75% pure gold, giving you a heavier, more luxurious feel when worn. Either way Gold is always the most popular choice for fine jewelry!

  • Platinum: More expensive and mined much less than gold. Considered the most prestigious of all the precious metals, why do you think they name top level vehicle trim packages after it!! Only 160 tons of platinum are mined annually, as opposed to 1,500 tons of gold. Also, platinum is more dense than gold, so the same ring will weigh significantly more in platinum than in gold (and precious metals are priced by weight.)

  • Palladium: A platinum group metal, palladium is rare, lustrous, and naturally white. Palladium has the purity and white tone of platinum but is less dense, making it more affordable.

  • Damascus Steel: Found on some of the most beautifully crafted blades in the world Damascus has made its way to the jewelry world reserved almost exclusively for gents wedding bands. Skilled Craftsmen techniques that mimic centuries old metalsmithing techniques believed to have originated in the Middle East. This process involves alternating two types of Stainless Steel then twisting and folding the metal by hand to produce vivid patterns making your Damascus Steel ring a unique masterpiece!

  • Meteorite: reserved almost exclusively for gents wedding bands , a solid piece of debris from a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid, that originates in outer space and survives through the atmosphere. Our Meteorite rings are made entirely in the US using authentic Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia, Africa.

  • Titanium: reserved almost exclusively for gents fashion and bridal jewelry titanium is lightweight and very strong metal, which provides exceptional comfort and is easy to wear day-to-day. This metal is naturally hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant.

  • Tungsten Carbide: reserved almost exclusively for gents fashion and bridal jewelry Tungsten is one of the toughest alternative metals available today , it’s 10 times harder than 18k gold and 5 times harder than steel. These rings will not scratch easily!


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