Diamonds make for truly timeless jewelry. Regardless of shape or size, diamonds are eye-catching, durable, and match well with just about any precious metal.

Diamonds evoke powerful emotions like beauty, commitment, and perseverance. So the gift of a diamond is, undoubtedly, a gift of love.



By choosing JP Haase Jewelers, you’ll get the assistance you need in choosing the diamond that says exactly what you want it to. JP Haase will guide you through each step of selecting a diamond, including:

  • Setting a budget: Many of us have the misconception that buying diamond jewelry cannot be done without stretching one’s budget. This is simply untrue. Diamond-shopping needn’t be intimidating if you are realistic with your budget beforehand. If you need assistance in planning for the cost of a diamond, simply contact JP Haase and a friendly associate will be happy to discuss your unique situation.
  • Considering the occasion: The next step in selecting a diamond is to consider what the occasion is for the gift. Is this an engagement, a wedding anniversary, or just a gift of love? Depending on the reason for the gift of the diamond, it may be appropriate for it to be a certain size, shape, or style. 
  • Considering size is necessary for all types of diamond jewelry. Necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets all need to fit comfortably on the person wearing the jewelry, and this requires a little planning.

Do you have further questions about JP Haase diamonds? We invite you to stop in today to talk to one of our friendly associates. You may also contact us by phone or e-mail.